Decide what parking you require for your shoot from the options below and apply via FilmHub when sending in an application to film.

REQUIRED APPLICATION LEAD TIMES – below details the minimum lead time required for each parking application. We always recommend providing greater lead time where possible to guarantee approval.

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Parking Types

Bay Suspensions

(5 Working Days Notice)

To suspend P&D Bays, Shared Use and Permit Holder Bays.

Applications must be made via FilmHub.

SYL Dispensation

(5 Working Days Notice)

These enable vehicles to park on available SYL in an individual zone (CPZ) in the borough where available.

Applications must be made via FilmHub.

  • Suspended Resident Permit Holders or Shared Use Bays – admin costs are £125 per application.
  • Suspending P&D Bays – additional admin fee of £30 per 3 bays to produce, erect, and remove signage) & approx. £26 per bay per day charge.
  • SYL Dispensations – A dispensation notice will be provided, and must be displayed in the vehicle at all times. It is preferable that we have the vehicle registration but not essential. A SYL dispensation doesn’t guarantee a parking space.
  • In places where there are no existing parking bays or yellow lines a temporary traffic order may be needed to restrict parking.
  • Parking will be retracted and charges applicable if cones are used without specific permission from Merton Film Office.

Parking Charges

  • Parking Bay suspensions
    • Per bay, per day
    • P+D Bays
    • Shared Use Bays
    • Permit Bays
  • SYL Dispensation
    • Per day
    • Car or Transit
    • up to 5.5m
    • equivalent of one bay
  • SYL Dispensation
    • Per day
    • E.g. Luton Van
    • up to 7.5m
    • equivalent of 1.5 bays
  • SYL Dispensation
    • Per day
    • Outsized Vehicles
    • 7.5m plus
    • equivalent of 2 bays+

Parking bay suspensions & dispensations require 5 working days notice.

Administration Fees

A single administration fee of £125 +VAT is applicable on each parking application.

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